Remifemin Side Effects Are They Real?

Even Remifemin is widely used in the market its side effects issue are still searing high everywhere. Remifemin is believed to contain harmful side effects to the consumers. Many have reservations as to the efficiency of this medicine in as much as it has the capacity to control the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc. One ingredient that triggered the issue is its Black Cohosh content a herb that is taking toll in most medicinal arguments.

Studies were carried out to test the product. The results of the studies showed that this supplement when taken regularly does not lead to any hormonal imbalance or negative estrogen induced problems like vaginal effects. However the study also threw light on several hidden side effects. Reports show that side effects were associated with deadly liver diseases and the symptoms shown were mainly signs of jaundice, over fatigue, darker color of urine and confusion.

It was also shown that side effects were not limited to liver problems but also issues such as headaches, body weight fluctuations, feeling of heaviness in legs, abdominal discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders, swollen breasts, bloating, depression, anxiety, etc. But the symptoms showed gradual decrease with increasing duration of use of the product which was quite confusing.

There is no scientific proof as of now regarding the effect of Black Cohosh extracts like Remifemin on fetus development. However some doctors claim that the herb has abortive characteristics which can damage the growing fetus. These doubts have however cast a serious stigma amongst people who now doubt that usage of Remifemin will result in preterm labor that is risky to both the mother and her baby.

On the other hand if your intention is to use Remifemin as a dietary supplement then beware of the fact that the US Food and Drug Organization has not yet labeled the use of the drug as safe and efficient, but on the contrary the agency has not issued any warnings either against the product. And because of that the decision of taking in the medicine solely rests on you. And more often people choose to play safe in situations as confusing as this. On the other hand it is best that you consult your local physician first and ask his advice whether you take in the medicine or not.

There has been no proof of side effects yet but do not take away the possibility of it. When you take in the medicine just take note of the changes that you can feel in your body you should be able to determine the red light.

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